Fr. Teri’s Poems

As the Light of Christ Poet Laureate, Fr. Teri has written hundreds and hundreds of poems over the years that have touched our lives in so many ways. We are delighted to share a few of those poems with you here.

(a psalm for Ash Wednesday)

you are made from dust
immersed in water
marked with holy oil
God breathed life into you
you’ve eaten bread
you’ve drunk wine
the old died
the new lives
and to dust you shall return

© Teri Harroun


“the other stories, a canon of the hearts”

once, there was a child
a divine and holy child
who ran barefoot in the sand
who caught tadpoles and turtles and kept them as pets
who planted figs and watched them grow
who built a wagon with his father
who baked bread with his mother
who ran races with his sister
who talked late at night with his brother about all they would be when they grew up
who had a best friend with your name
who learned to pray with the herons
who learned to meditate with the lilies
and called God Abba
yes, once upon a time there was a child
filled with stories
and not all the stories were written down
but one has been placed in your heart
and if you look there
you will find it
a gift, just for you
to cherish

(c) Teri Harroun
Jan.8, 2021

“our God is a Poet”

in the beginning
was God:
the God of all beginnings

in the beginning
was a single stone
with jagged edges
to break stained glass ceilings
a rock of faith
a faith that rocks
building one brick at a time
a communion of communities

in the beginning
was a single word
and heard
by two or three who gathered together
to experience God swaddled in flesh and bones
and starting a conversation
of ecumenical proportions

in the beginning
was a single table
with an empty chair
for everyone
and there was bread and there was wine
the scent of all are welcome in what is blessed and broken
revealing a God who presides
at all tables
and our lives blessed and broken

in the beginning
was a breath
an inhale
with our ancestors
and our families
and all those yet to be,
a holy communion
of saints
praying and playing

in the beginning
was grace begetting
sacramental justice the heartbeat
of love working in the streets
building up the kin-dom
revealing God’s new beginnings

oh God of all beginnings,
as we lean forward together from our beginning
blessed be this day beginning
blessed be this Holy Synod
blessed be the Ecumenical Catholic Communion
blessed be the ones we represent
blessed be the work we join hands to share
blessed be the roots stretching deeper
blessed be the wings emerging
blessed be the story written here
blessed be the song we sing together
blessed be the prayer God’s planted within us
blessed be
blessed be
blessed be
blessed be the God who is our beginning
is now
and ever shall be
blessed be

(c) Teri Harroun
For the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion
October 2020

(Fr. Teri in the top left with members of the ECC Leadership Council during our closing ceremony for the Holy Synod)

on Thursday August 6
outside the church office
by the tree
someone left a sign that said

three simple letters
in brushed gold
on egg shell white
an elegant statement
and random act
of kindness

my heart smiled
my spirit swelled
and my joy was stirred
not shaken
deep in the bosom of my soul

this week
someone has walked off
with the creamer colored sign
at the base of the tree,
did you think you could steal our joy?

or did you claim
what moved in your own depths?

enjoy your joy,
as I enjoy mine
stirred, not shaken

(C) Teri Harroun
August 29, 2020

“Holy, Sacred Ground”
this is holy ground
our church labyrinth
rocks lifted and thrown
into a pile

the paths are gone
it cannot be walked

but this is holy ground
to be tended
not ended

this is holy ground
a living reminder
that there is so much that we don’t control
but we can control our response

this is holy ground
open and receiving

this is holy ground
so pick up a rock
and bring it up to its new home
on this life path

this is holy ground
in the middle of transformation
oh, it’s rocky here
so disorganized
but this is what the messiness of birthing looks like
straining from the middle

this is holy ground
and the breath of God is her center
and the hands of God are your own
and the feet of God will walk this path
with you
and me

this is holy ground

(C) Teri Harroun
September 13, 2020

“Drive In Church”

we open with song
our song
car horns beeping
a glory to God
and God’s creation
a peaceful pleasantness
disguised as cacophony

we are God’s imagination
swaddled in flesh and bones
the hands and feet of Christ in the world
with the dashboard as our table
and a pickup truck our holy ground
turning to God with our prayer
as God turns to us to be
justice work pulsing in the world

praise God with the angels and shepherds
with the sun flirting in the sky with the clouds
with squirrels chattering under the pickup truck
and bees swirling around the bread and wine
with orange painted leaves beginning to peek out from the trees
and the gentlest of breezes blesses our cheeks
our windows are rolled down
and our God is at the center of it all
for all
are welcome here

we share the song on our way home
with one another
and others
honking and waving
for drive-in church means
we drive home too
scattering peace in our wake

let there be peace
and let it begin with

©️ Teri Harroun
September 27, 2020

“I Dream”
I wanna be someone’s poet laureate.
It doesn’t have to be a state. Or city.
On NPR I heard about a guy who is poet laureate for a baseball team.
Where could I be poet laureate?
How about my Conoco?
The soccer fields near my house?
The laundry room?
The front porch?
I’ll need business cards.
A new notebook.
And a blog.
Or not.
And poems.
I’m gonna need some poems.
Anyone needs a poet laureate?
We are a dime a dozen.

(C) Teri Harroun, 2015

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