Dynamic & Caring Staff



Fr. Teri Harroun, M. Div.
Office number: 303 772-3785

I am not a morning person. The only reason for me to be up at 6 in the morning is either because of my kids, or to spend some time with God. And my best days are when I’m not an evening person either, but when at the end of the day I’m tired and know that I have lived that day to the fullest. I am blessed with three kids, a wonderful job, a decent car, a front porch with my green Adirondack chair, parents nearby, a brother just a bit further away, good friends, some even-better friends, one “call me at 3 o’clock in the morning if there’s a problem” friend, two goats and a piano.  I have a tattoo on my right arm, a gluten-free home, an aversion to pigeons, a plethora of prayer books, a craving for travel, a published book of poetry called “A Woman Called Father”, 20 pairs of shoes, and more yarn than you can imagine. My favorite food is cauliflower, and I sneak gummi bears when nobody is looking. I’ve been to 48 states, 3 countries, and 2 colleges; I’ve obtained a BS degree in computer science and my Master of Divinity (from Iliff School of Theology). It all seems sort of random, but it’s not. At the end of the day, ‘living life to the fullest’ may not turn out to be exactly what I had planned when I woke up in the morning; it is more about being engaged, listening to the Spirit, doing the best I can with what I know, being intentional about loving others (and myself), and being ready to wander off the beaten path. My life has unfurled that way as well. Yes, I am a woman that some people call “Father”, as I am an ordained priest in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion, and was ordained right here at Light of Christ in 2009. But feel free to call me Teri, and let’s find some time to pray together. I’m free tomorrow morning at 6.

1000 West 15th St Longmont, Co 80501 303-772-3785