Welcome to Light of Christ

God of Goodness and Grace,  
Bless us as we wash our hands, an act of love for all those we may come in contact with.  May we wash our hands knowing you have asked us to be the hands of Christ in our world. 
Bless us in our sacred tents, called homes.  You have pitched Your own tent among us.   There is no distance between You and us, not now, not ever.   May we know that You are near. 
Bless those who are sick, and their caregivers, and the scientists who will create vaccines and medicines, and the factories that will start creating ventilators and other goods that we need right now.   You have given us science as a tool, may we use that tool wisely.  
Bless those who are most vulnerable.   Show us the ways we are to be light in the world.   For some of us that will mean going out and helping others.   For some of us it will mean making phones calls.   For some of us it will be holding the world in prayer, like a rosary bead spinning.  For some of us it will mean writing a check to an organization that has the ability to show up and feed, or clothe, or shelter.     For all of us, it will mean loving our neighbor in new ways.  
Bless those who are frightened, fearful.   Bless us in the moments where our uncertainty is scary.   May we remember that each breath we take is a fresh breath, and You are the One Who is the Breath within our breath.   May we find comfort, may we offer comfort, may we create comfort, may we imagine comfort, for ourselves and for one another. 
Bless those who work, and those who want to work but cannot.    Bless those who are called to lead at this time, and those who are called to follow.   Bless us all as we discern what our gifts are at this time, that we may serve you and all your creation with love, care, and compassion.   
Bless us as we strive to be love in action.   Bless us as we crave connection, community, and Communion.   Bless us, and bless through us.   And bless the space between us.  
Together we pray.   Amen.  

We invite you to explore our website, learn about our community and how we celebrate God’s word, and pray together. We would love to have you join us on Saturday afternoon when we decide to gather again weekly for our Eucharistic Celebration.

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