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Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community is presenting a Job Posting for the Pastoral Support/Secretary position, effective September 1, 2020.

The following is the Job Description, etc., and process for an interested individual. Additional details will be available if an interview follows. 
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On June 13th, we celebrated the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.  We know, that we are now the Body and Blood of Christ in the world; that Jesus knew there was unfinished business and called us to be the hands and feet and heart of Christ, visible and working in the world, for justice and peace and sharing love extravagantly. 

So now, I share a charge to you, the Body of Christ in God’s world today.  

Yes.   The world needs you.   You have been chosen by God for this time, and in this time yes, there is a pandemic, it is the 11th hour for our earth and its climate, black and brown and indigenous peoples are crying out from under the knee of racism, the economy is in disarray, and too many deny that love is love is love is love. 

But you and I together, have been charged to be the Body of Christ in God’s world.  

God has charged us to make love a priority. 

God has charged us to feed the hungry, and visit the imprisoned. 

God has charged us to be good stewards of this earth and its healing. 

God has charged us to pray for one another, and be invested in each other’s success and thriving. 

God has charged us to challenge bad theology, and work for Shalom, universal peace, and to put an end to all the isms and phobias that divide humanity in ugly ways.  

God has charged us to be the hands of Christ that hold: hold another’s hand, hold hope, hold protest signs, hold a fair-trade cup of coffee, hold on to one another. 

God has charged us to be the feet of Christ that walk: walk in solidarity, walk as pilgrims listening for God’s whispers, walk barefoot in the grass and on the beaches and feel our connection to God’s earth, walk to the mountain tops and see God’s amazing grace spread out like a quilt holding the world. 

God has charged us to be the heart of Christ: to let our hearts break at what breaks God’s heart, and to let our hearts be vessels of love, our love and God’s love poured into the world as we strive to love God, to love our neighbor, to love ourselves, and to love the strangers in our midst. 

God has charged us to be the ears of Christ that listen: listen to our siblings who are marginalized and hurting, listen to our God’s whispers in every breeze and every prayer we pray, listen for the birds that sing joy into the world each day. 

God has charged us to be the eyes of Christ: eyes that see beauty as well as pain, eyes that see struggle as well as success, eyes that notice that we are all beloved children of God and holy. 

God has charged us to be the voice of Christ: the voice that speaks truth to power, the voice that becomes the megaphone through which the oppressed can speak, the voice that says “I see you, I value you, I love you” and to be the voice of blessing shouting “you are holy and you are holy, you are holy and you are holy”.  

God has charged us to be little incarnations in the world, for the world needs us right now to boldly be love in action, the visible Body of Christ bringing love, healing, hope, and grace to a world with unfinished business.    

Fr. Teri 

We invite you to explore our website, learn about our community and how we celebrate God’s word, and pray together. We would love to have you join us on Saturday afternoon when we decide to gather again weekly for our Eucharistic Celebration.

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