Welcome to Light of Christ


it was the girl child’s responsibility
to gather the animals at night
and put them in

chickens in the coop
horses in their stalls
goats in their pens
cats in the rafters
dogs in the house

she put them all in
there was room for everyone;
that’s how it’s supposed to be

one winter evening
a wisp of snow
a crisp of temperatures low
and a bleating cow on the path behind the barn in the frigid night,
a cold and wanting sojourner;
the girl child opened the back door of the barn
and let her in
put some straw for her in the empty manger
and water in a stray bucket
and let her bed in the center of the barn for the night

in the morning
two calves
two halves of new winter life
because the girl child made room
put them in her inn

there was room,
there is room,
check your inn,
prepare your manger;
that’s how it’s supposed to be

© Teri Harroun

Our core values at Light of Christ:

Sacramental Justice
         Open Communion table: Wherever you are on your faith journey, you
               are welcome to receive the Body of Christ
          All seven sacraments are open to everyone
          We support women’s ordination and married priests
          We have called a female pastor
          Pastoral care is available for everyone

Radical Inclusivity
          ALL are welcome and valued
              …our diversity is our strength
              …regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey
              …regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual orientation
          LGBTQIA+ affirming
          Gluten-free Eucharist
          Children are invited to serve in all ministries at liturgy:
               lectors, Eucharistic ministers, choir members, greeters
          Grouth Youp for middle school and high school students
          Lay-led community

Bold Hospitality
          15 years of service within and outside our community
          Actively visible at the Longmont Pride Fest every June
          Annual ecumenical mission trips with Bethlehem Lutheran Church
          Serve at the Round Pantry, OUR Center, and Attention Homes in
          We offer Stephen Ministry, Prayer Shawl Ministry, and a
               Contemplative Prayer group

We invite you to explore our website, learn about our community and how we celebrate God’s word, and pray together. We would love to have you join us on Saturday afternoon when we decide to gather again weekly for our Eucharistic Celebration.

1000 West 15th St Longmont, Co 80501 303-772-3785