Light of Christ seeks to nurture collaborative leadership:  all members, lay and clergy, form the basis of our community.  As members, individuals are eligible to hold positions of leadership in the various ministries, the Parish Council, and committees formed in support of Light of Christ and the wider community.  Positions of leadership, stewardship, and decision-making authority originate from within our faith community.  All members exercise leadership when they participate in making decisions of major significance that affect the entire Faith Community, such as in the process of calling a pastor.

Collaborative Leadership forms the basis of our Parish Council, comprised of leaders from individual church ministries, chosen members, and the pastor. The Parish Council is tasked with managing the business of the Light of Christ community: setting the vision for our faith community, performing fiduciary responsibilities, providing pastoral direction, and making personnel decisions, in addition to its ministerial duties.  Decision-making within the Parish Council is exercised through consensus; each representative on the council has an equal voice in the decision-making process.

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