Our Story


Welcome to Light of Christ.  Our story is one of searching for a community where everyone is welcome and valued.  We identify as Catholics, and we wanted a church where all the members, not just the clergy, have a voice and can serve.  

We came together in 2005 and after much searching and discernment decided to form a parish and join the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.  The founding members chose the name, Light of Christ, to signify the light shining in and through us.

Here’s a video of members sharing why they like Light of Christ, made by two members of our youth.  


We choose to remain Catholic yet find ways to honor and recognize the talents and gifts of each and every person in the community.  We are building a community that worships together, plays and laughs together and showers kindness on each other.

We are not building alone and we are not building outside the Catholic tradition.  We are part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion which has dozens of parishes across the United States who together form the ECC.  The parishes gather around a bishop who is in the apostolic line of succession of bishops through the Old Catholic tradition out of Utrecht who in 1870 chose not to accept papal infallibility and the universal jurisdiction of the pope; we celebrate the seven sacraments and all are welcome to participate in this sacraments with us.  For more information about the ECC, we invite you to explore the communion’s website. http://ecumenical-catholic-communion.org/


Many of our community members speak about finding a home at Light of Christ:  women who are called to ministry; divorced individuals who want to participate fully in  community and in the sacraments; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning individuals are welcomed and accepted; individuals who are gluten intolerant and have not been able to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist because the bread is made from wheat.  We offer gluten free hosts and wine at our Masses.  Light of Christ is a community where all are accepted, valued and treasured for who they are and the gifts they bring.

1000 West 15th St Longmont, Co 80501 303-772-3785